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Life can change in a single moment, and if you do not take steps to organize your affairs in advance, your family may face complicated legal issues when trying to shift ownership of your assets. At Frieri Law Group, we know how difficult this topic can be to approach and assist clients throughout New Jersey with estate planning concerns. Having over 60 years of legal experience, we craft innovative and effective strategies and prepare the necessary documents so that our clients’ wishes are fully implemented. Whether you need to draft a will, establish a trust or probate a loved one’s estate, we will create a comprehensive plan that protects the wellbeing of you and your family.

Why is it important to have a will?

No matter the size of your estate, everyone can benefit from having a will. A will sets out how you want your property to be dispersed after your death and allows you to designate a person to oversee the settlement of your estate. Without a will, New Jersey law dictates who receives your property, and you lose all control over what happens. In addition, without a clear testamentary document, the legal process might be longer, more expensive and vulnerable to challenge. We are highly experienced at drafting wills for both large and small estates and will ensure your intentions are clearly documented and enforceable.

What is the purpose of guardianship and conservatorship?

Whether it is a sudden event or a slowly progressing illness, anyone can lose the ability to handle their finances and their daily needs. In such a case, a guardian is often needed to assume these obligations. New Jersey law authorizes the appointment of a guardian of the person (guardianship) and a guardian of property (conservatorship). An appointment may be voluntary or court-ordered, and the power granted can vary greatly depending upon the needs of the incapacitated individual. We understand how emotional this issue can be and will work to obtain a reasonable solution that protects the interests of the incapacitated individual.

What should you expect during probate?

Probate is a court-supervised process used to distribute a deceased individual’s property under the terms of his or her will or the state’s intestacy laws. An executor is appointed or confirmed to oversee the estate and is tasked with marshalling the assets of the estate, settling creditor claims, locating heirs and distributing assets. Many New Jersey probate cases can be handled within a matter of weeks, with more complex estates typically settled in less than a year. Probate can be complex, and we will take steps to keep the process as efficient and smooth as possible.

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